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LEGO 2016 : Clone Turbo Tank

Her headress is now dark brown rather than black which is more accurate to the film and matches the soft fabric cape very well. The head is also impressive, with some stubble and differing expressions on each side.

Lego 2016 Clone Turbo Tank

The camouflage printing on the torso and legs looks absolutely brilliant, as does the bright green visor and dark green stripe on the helmet. My only issue with this figure is that the printing on the legs cuts off rather abruptly but otherwise it looks splendid. The front is heavily armed and armoured, with dual laser cannons beneath the cab and some floodlights on either side which are smoothly incorporated into the hull plating. Inside one finds two seats arranged side by side as well as some controls.This is accessed by opening the flaps at the front and on top so there is plenty of space to reach inside and pose a couple of minifigures. These are mounted on both sides and are intended to replicate the grenade launchers which can extent from the hull in the film. It would have been wonderful to see some means of retracting these weapons but the tails of the missiles may have prohibited such a feature. The primary feature which is activated from inside makes use of the prominent yellow gears on each side of the tank. By turning this knob you can raise and lower the observation mast using a gear rack system.

I love the idea of this feature and it works quite well but it is a bit tricky to access the gear wheel due to its positioning so close to the roof.

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There is room to stand a minifigure up here alongside a new printed console piece. There are no stickers in this set which is a nice bonus.

I like the olive green colour scheme very much and the proportions are also about right. The stud shooter on the front is mounted using a ball joint so has extensive articulation and is a lot of fun to play with, although it is not ideal for display.

I like the antennas on the back as well but am less satisfied with the legs as the different elements which have been combined look a little odd to me. A handle can be extended from just behind the turret and this is hidden quite well when not in use but is still not necessary in my opinion as the set is sufficiently light and sturdy to be picked up, even by a child. Another hull panel can be hinged open on either side to reveal a yellow arms crate. This is filled with some more trans-blue studs for the shooters and a couple of printed thermal detonators. The rear control cabin is a little less detailed than that at the front but looks good nonetheless.

I am particularly impressed with the turret on top as this can be rotated all the way around and has two stud shooters which do not detract from the appearance of the vehicle at all. In fact, they compare quite favourably with the movie and are an example of how stud shooters can be used effectively in certain situations. Just as the exterior is a less interesting at the back than it is at the front, so is the interior. Unfortunately there is nowhere to easily store the minifigures’ weapons but you can squeeze them into the ammunition crate if they are properly arranged. Few changes have been made since 2005 but that is not an issue as it works perfectly and is a fantastic play feature, allowing you to steer the vehicle by adjusting the angle of the hull and traverse obstacles with ease!

I like while the others are attached using a single pin at the centre of each axle and rock from side to side. If you own the previous models then the reduction in size is really quite surprising and it does leave me slightly underwhelmed given the price point and the relatively mediocre minifigure selection. The price, while not ideal, doesn’t seem too hugely out of proportion. The former is no longer a canon vehicle and is also a slightly different shape which is not reflected by this model. There’s so much less interior space than previous versions. Maybe they could’ve given us a dwarf spider droid?

That would’ve made this set worth the price. To be honest, the set itself looks great.

I won’t be interested in 75151 unless a good discount comes around. This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 9-14.

Extend the observation post to watch out for enemy forces and fire the spring-loaded shooters to force them back. It is a complicated build so help from an adult is highly recommended. It is very sturdy and handles being played with very well. Lots of hidden compartments and “extra stuff”. All ten wheels move freely, and with the use of the “handle”, has a full range of motion. It’s a nice tank – took a while to assemble, which is definitely not a bad thing, and it moves very nicely and comes with plenty of figures. My son loves this one, and loves that it gives his “troops” versatility in their fighting.

We mostly had other flying machines, so this is a good way to vary it up. The wheel flexibility in turning makes it extra fun to zoom around on the floor.

I love how you can open the tank almost completely. He has finished it already and has said it wasn’t really hard but it wasn’t easy either. He did say he absolutely loved the challenge of putting it together and loved the finished product.

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The 2016 edition of the Clone Turbo Tank is here!

I compare the 2005 and 2010 version against the newest version of this …

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