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LEGO 2016 Exclusives Exclusive

This has been a particularly interesting period, because the number of big sets almost doubled compared to previous years. In fact, let’s start out with a short comparison, before discussing the current year.

Lego 2016 Exclusives

All other sets had less than 2, 000 pieces. There were a total of three large sets over 2, 000 pieces. There were four large sets over 2, 000 pieces. If you look at the pattern of the previous years, you can see that this is completely unheard of.All other sets have less than 2, 000 pieces. While in previous years all of the large exclusive sets received pretty much universally positive reviews, 2016 is a bit troubled in this regard. And we haven’t even taken into consideration many of the excellent smaller sets that were released this year!

Which one is your favorite set this year?

I know a lot of fans gave a bad review on it. But as a set it is quite fun with lots of play-features and a very versatile modular layout.

Rare Lego Hydra Captain America Exclusive Minifigure!!!

San Diego Comic Con 2016

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Yeah, unfortunately space is always an issue with big sets.

I don’t have that much patience s or time. They run this giveaway every year , so it’s completely legit.

I really hope to hear about another reader (or two, or more!) winning again this year!

If you don’t have one, you can always create one easily . There are two giveaways each day and as of time of writing, there are two that are currently live.

Sdcc Prep Guide To Obtaining Lego Exclusives & Minifigure Giveaway

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