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LEGO 2016 ® Minifigures

Each series usually contain 16 different minifigures, however some series contain as few as 9 minifigures, while others contain up to 22. On average a new series has been released every four months.

Lego 2016 Minifigures

Release dates sometimes vary between countries. However, for advanced users, there are special abilities activated using the number pad. Archived from the original on 2010-07-29. Figures may include but are not limited to the ones in the photos.The images shown are meant to be a representation of possible figures.

I ordered 3 sets (30 figures) so that children could trade them.

I attached a picture in case anyone was curious about our order of 3 mystery packs.

You can put the prison shirt on the corporate executive, the hair bun on the naval officer, or the helmet on the pirate. Due to the randomness of the different figures, they make for an excellent reality show cast of characters.

We got these for my son, and he really liked them.

Lego Marvel Minifigures 2016 Complete Collection Review

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We got a pretty good mix, none of our figures were exactly the same, but we got several that were very similar (we got 3 of the weird bird face guy, just with different bodies). So not a great variety, but if you’re just looking for figures and don’t care what they look like these are a great deal!

It was a ziplog bag of 10 minifigures with random parts. The set came with one female lego, one animal face, one skeleton face and there rest were males.

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