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LEGO 2016 Sets Nexo Knights Summer Official Images

Zusammengebaut has now confirmed that the theme will not be continuing beyond its current wave and that no summer sets will be released. Too many different foes and creatures, instead of exploring the wonderful world of elvendale they had created in season one.

Lego 2016 Summer Sets Nexo Knights

It also wastes all those fabulous trans-orange space elements.

We should have a space theme and a castle theme. They fall in dead space where they’re neither cool to collect or make much sense. If their talents were placed on other themes, it would be wonderful.Might have been an interesting mashup idea, but never worked, and kids realized, hence the mediocre sales and constant heavy discounts. Perhaps even to an extent like in the olden days. After all, there’s a lot of craving for an updated train theme and it would surely be a bestseller, if done right. Even for technics they started playing on third party ip’s. Maybe that is the way to go but if disney find better bricks partner lego will be in serious trouble. In brief and fully in line with legobear, back to the roots and reinvigorate castle, space and pirates classics.

All Lego Nexo Knights Official Sets Images 2016 2018 (Season 1 5)

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Even the tv series first season was a lot of fun to watch. There have been some great sets and models, with good parts selection. The writing was on the wall after the first year. It was also a creative take on the idea of steampunk, making it space knights instead. However, the game didn’t hold a lot of appeal for me.

I suspect it did for many kids, but if you just need the scan, sharing the images was too easy. Hopefully an appealing space and castle theme will both arrive in time for the 40th anniversaries.

I liked the little weapons/figure packs, and the mecha-suits that came out last year?

But if they did that, they might find that a wider setting would just naturally give them more toys to sell anyway. Some of the ideas were head-scratchers, don’t get me wrong, but the theme wasn’t a total failure, either. While the orange/blue color scheme worked, the tech-castle theme did not work in my view.

I absolutely would love to see a classic castle theme again. Year 2 though had a terribly bland color scheme for the entire bad guy side that was impossible to look past. In spite of some good builds and high play value, shelf appeal was just awful.

I tend to turn away from sets with lots of neon as it makes them look a lot more toy-like and in some cases cheapens the visual aesthetic. It was absolutely ridiculous a combination of castles and modern weapons!!

Hopefully this’ll stop comments anguishing over the lack of a new gray fence with gate set.

I think they should have focused more on castle-like sets, like small watchtowers or siege engines, especially for the knights, instead of third different vehicle for a main character.

I also think the idea works, knights in space is a good idea.

I also thought the first offerings were pretty good, but it was a shame about the colour scheme. Castles has had an interesting, convoluted history since kingdoms. Needless to say, it was a controversial and unpopular decision. Warhammer 40k and numerous other gaming franchises also prove this out. It went downhill quite quickly though, the second year’s villains looked terrible.

There are some good builds, great parts and a super colour scheme. As a children’s toy for children, it makes sense that they would look into what would sell specifically to children as that’s, y’know, their main target audience. They started with the bang and ends in the muck of shelf warmers. The phone game was also well done, though obviously not for adults.

I am sure some like the theme as as mentioned some liked it simply for new parts and or colours.

I saw massively discounted on the shelves as they just weren’t selling. Ninjago is that rare theme that worked, for whatever reasons. It was then up to me to mix and match the themes and make a cool pirate spaceship. Themes where there is a story framework, but no show to go along with it so that there is more creativity involved. The bigger buildable figures were pretty good and did offer my 5 and 3 year old several hours of playtime. Just as more detailed sets let kids add new building techniques to their repertoire, more detailed stories teach kids new storytelling tools and techniques they can use to tell their own stories.

Lego 2016 Summer Sets Nexo Knights

The video game tie-in was fun initially but after a while the repetitiveness of the game/missions was tedious and it proved to be glitchy early on. The 2nd year was very soft in both colors and bad guys. The lack of memorable bad guys hurt as did the dearth of good sets (especially in the mid-size and large range) hurt it. This final year again does the same thing.

I gave us some very cool pieces, nifty mech-based builds, some inspired characters.

I am keeping the sets we got and will incorporate them into other builds. The theme also introduced some cool parts that have been integrated into other lines so got to be thankful for that. Treating it as a licensed theme seems like it gets causality completely backwards.

The End Of NEXO Knights

Most of the builds look like sparse technic frames with a few details pasted on them.

I loved the idea of a futuristic castle theme and thought, with good execution, it could be a great theme. Looking forward to what comes next, and here’s hoping it does better and gets back to the brick. There is no space, no castle, no pirates and there haven’t been for years.

We will miss the colours, and the minidolls are actually quite detailed and well done.

I hope for many new concepts in the future.

I seriously doubt that’s because they planned to cancel and phoned them in. The second wave that synergised the vehicles with the battle suits was excellent. Then, there were almost no sets for the villains that had real play appeal.

I really liked the idea of the theme (at least at first), but a lot of the colour schemes and villain vehicle ideas fell very flat, certainly by the 2nd gargoyle stone monster wave. Chima was more consistent in the sense that the models were of about the same calibre wall the way through.Aanchir said, they are specifically looking at themes with multiple named characters. If that’s a good thing or not is debatable though. Personally, though the stories of today’s themes don’t appeal to me. Lego group are unlikely to do a whole wave of new classic theme style sets. My son very keen to find out what happens!

I liked the parts, the slightly zany quality, and especially the return of angular bricks.

Lego Nexo Knights Summer Sets Pictures My Thoughts!

Here are my thoughts on the LEGO Nexo Knights Summer 2016 stuff… including Jestro’s Volcano Lair!

These are all from the …

I liked the electricity motifs, the villain colourscheme overall was less exciting and probably didn’t attract kids the same way.

I think they’re the worst of all three years, they look pretty ghastly to my eyes. Lego’s pricey, and parents are wary of “you have to collect everything!” gimmicks these days. Despite its lack of popularity, the line did produce some new and inventive parts that will translate well into later themes. The helmets alone work great for space explorers. After that the sets went downhill and the theme lost a lot of traction. What they may have loved to play with in their childhood is not necessarily what kids want nowadays. Castle theme again in the future – every generation goes through those interests at some point. And there will be new unexpected themes too to cater to new tastes. Everything from dragons and dinosaurs to cats and dogs. The first 1 or 2 waves were good but other than that it just felt repetitive. Plus, we got those cool 1×1 pyramid pieces!

The reddish-orange windows and silver pieces were cool and the knights themselves at least their toy forms were cool in my eyes.I did not even realize there was a wave this year. No one can tell me something like that wouldn’t sell, even to today’s kids. This made them difficult to cannibalise for other creations, especially for younger builders.

I did really like the little goblin type enemies from the first wave along with the gobbling bombs and disks. More importantly is that the disks and goblins were not stickers which made them even better. Macy was all relegated to some small gimmicky vehicle. It’s exactly the kind of stuff that some kids come up with when mashing up their parts and playing out, and it was fun to see a show built on that concept. The digital element (shield scanning) was a real draw for him. Yes it did seem repetitive at times, but this is the same with all themes (how many police/fire stations??, and similar things), but it had its try at being something different. Lego has a bit of a problem with competing with itself. At the end of the day the set structure and overall premise is the same. Lets go beat them up” and the only real difference is color schemes. There are probably many other themes (including licensed ones) they’d sooner retire. Meanwhile, the video game became too grind-y past a certain point of play.

I would love to see an ever expanding village theme where you aren’t reimagining the basic sets every cycle but adding to the theme. This would allow you to build sets beyond your standard good guy/bad guy castle and fill in a more complete world. What is most interesting in these sets (at least to me) are the very unique pieces and colors, including many special translucent elements and printed pieces. It comes with two minifigs and a tiny but menacing looking war-machine that is shaped like a crossbow. It could be added to some of the larger sets for additional play-value, and it is also a source of many interesting parts. The detailing and stickers also work well here. Lava monsters as you squeeze the trigger to shoot the dual spring-loaded shooters. The transforming features in this set are also very fun. It is also clever how the vehicle can drop off the tower (see video-review below for details). Jestro and his army by surprise as he relaxes in the living quarters, and stop him escaping on his detachable throne!

In the video-review below you can see some comparison views between the two. Whiparella’s catapult and evade capture in her claw-like prison. The smaller sets might be a good option if you are only looking for some of the interesting new parts. There is something for everyone in this theme!

Feel free to share your own thoughts and review in the comment section below!

For two years, it has given fans an interesting assortment of sets and it looks like it will be ending with the latest wave of sets . To see this theme ending the way it is now is a little disappointing because there was no promotion for it. The official images didn’t come out until long after the other themes were out and the sets basically just showed up in stores.

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