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LEGO 2016 Summer Catalog The Sets Coming

So now we have a chance to see all the new sets coming in the first half of 2016. The amount of creativity that goes into these characters is so delightful!

The sets look great, and there is even a hot air-balloon with a new color-scheme!

I don’t like the color-scheme so much, but the play-features and minifigs are interesting. The birds have catapult slingshots, and the piggies get all sorts of… interesting devices. These belonged to my son and have been played with.I am not sure if we have seen all of these books?

I take a look back at the June 2015 LEGO Store catalog. Can’t believe that was a year ago!

There’s LEGO Jurassic World, Elves, …

Lego Summer Catalog A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Here’s another nostalgia trip, taking a look at the Summer 2010 LEGO Store / LEGO Shop at Home Catalog!

In this LEGO Catalog, …

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