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LEGO 2017 November Store Calendar Promotions Events

Should have a white roof but shows the pieces underneath.

You can expect 20% off on a bunch of sets with very rare 30%-50% discounts on old weird stuff they just really want to move out of the warehouse.

I guess it’s wishful thinking for any of the modulars or other popular sets to go on sale.

I should just see what amazon will have available the day of. If you liked the original, but haven’t had a chance to get it before it was retired this is your second chance. Hopefully, they will make it available so at least some people can buy it for the holidays.Feel free to share your thoughts and own reviews in the comment section below!

Thanks for listing all the new sets and promos every month. The advent calendars are all free standing builds so at the end of the month you have all 24 builds. It brings everything alive, and both kids and parents love it. The train going around the village just makes it so much more perfect. Get the regular battery box instead of the rechargeable one, and just use rechargeable batteries.

Lego Lego Bricktober 2017|New November 2017 Store Calendar Promotions & Events

It hasn’t been stated anywhere online but it looks like the LEGO Bricktober 2017 promotion at Toys R Us has kicked off in stores.

I think you will need to look at each component very carefully and see which one comes out ahead. Same with the helicopters, the ruins, the accessories, etc. Whichever set ends up with more checkmarks would be the one to get. This makes customization a lot more difficult. They really do produce some beautiful sets and themes. So once you buy and put together the sets, they will pretty much just collect dust. Especially if you don’t have a store near you. They don’t list everything, but looking at the pictures feels different than online.

We will also publish a list before the end of the month to help make shopping a bit less daunting. So, this means that the finances are going to be a bit low this year. District has money and won’t distribute it to the teachers properly). This news has been up and about for quite some time, but is definitely worth the share. Details will be soon be announced, and we’ll keep you posted once new info comes in. Hopefully, we’ll get details about these in the next few days.

Store Calendar November

Today I’m going to be taking a look at the store calendar for November 2018. Please keep all comments PG and like and …

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