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LEGO 2017 Set® Creator Expert Th Anniversary Modular Buildings

Combine this set with the 31067 and 31069 modular-system sets to create a dream house with endless build and play opportunities!

I purchased this set as a present for my nephew who recently turned 8.

Lego 2017 Modular Set

Not because he couldn’t imagine how to build it, but because he didn’t have the appropriate elements. However, we all have to manage the void between imagination and expectation when working with constraints (limited elements) and the fact remained my nephew couldn’t realise his imagined house, to the expectations he set upon himself (which were not unrealistic in the slightest) during his build. It’s relatively well priced, comes with a great assortment of elements and is an excellent precursor for the more aspirational modular sets aimed at experienced builders. But more then anything it is a set that actually supports your child’s creative development.Your child will thank you later on in life.

I consider myself relatively creative and technical in equal measure.

I grew up in 1980’s when money was scarce and toys were few (at least in my family). Lego allowed me to conquer my fear of failure by allowing me to experiment. The risks were low and the rewards were high.

I can not stress how important it is for children to develop their skills in exploration and problem solving using constraints.

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Lego sets of the 1970’s and 80’s were very basic by today’s standards. Not because the other models were as appealing as the primary model but because it demonstrated that it is ok to try something new with the elements from this set. But your focus has shifted away from creativity and moved towards play and selling franchised sets.

I totally understand your business model and that franchised sets represent an important core to your sales strategy.

You are also competing against products with high engagement factors. Instruction manuals are aimed at quick and easy builds with instant gratification. However, the sense of achievement after a build can be quite low. No child likes to be frustrated, but managing and coping with frustration is crucial to their development. Instruction manuals of the 1980’s were far more challenging. Please make your sets a better balance of construction/problem solving and play again. However, that does mean that picking up the creation is a bit difficult without breaking it. The details such as the charging station, solar panels, and clear wall styling make this house stand out among the rest and make it a perfect addition to any city layout. My guess is that this is to add playability and access to the rooms, however the result is a building that is constantly falling apart. In short, recommended for layouts but not for playing. It is an adorable house and easy to put together.

I opted to build the 2-storey version with the moveable roof because it appealed to me more. The outer parts (doors, porch, external features) are susceptible to coming off because they are only connected by two studs to the main parts.

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