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LEGO 2017 Sets

Big on children’s radar will be the franchise and movie tie-in sets. To help you decide which of these to get for your family, here’s my top picks from each of the lines at the show.

It provides turquoise, teal and green bricks with mermaid characters and a underwater theme. This is a nice set that offers a range of terrain and characters, all drawn from the video game. It offers a nice base building, helicopter and launch. It’s a massive 1862 pieces and does need some skill to assemble — an age of at least 11 is suggested.Once complete the build is stunning with attention to detail and realistic moving parts. This is another big build, weighing in at 1456 pieces. This is a nice addition as it not only extends the line but opens new routes for imaginative play. There is a high level of detail that looks like it will be great fun to build and play with once complete. While this sort of thing has been tried before, the level of depth and complexity you can achieve with the set (17101) is really impressive. After all, it will have your back for the next decade.

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