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LEGO 2017: Video Games

They were either delayed to 2018 or cancelled. It generally considers expansions and re-releases as separate entities.

A western or worldwide release of previously regional exclusive games. Automata now has a western release date” .

I is a co-op adventure that pairs two unlikely friends in a grand tale” . World, a stealth-platformer about slugcats, out soon” .Nightmares release date announced in scariest trailer yet” . Archived from the original on 2017-09-18. The trend towards tablet gaming continues as does the cross over between toys and video games. It all adds up to what can be a confusing and complicated array of choices for parents. This will not only be popular with parents keen to see children exercise but also young players who will enjoy the exuberant battles. This is a great combination of a toys-to-life video game for tablets where the toys are proper toys rather than static collectible figures.

This game is perfect to be played by parents and children together, taking turns to battle and progress through the dungeons. The game works on many levels for families, offering youngsters a bright and colourful world to explore. Older players can then progress through each level’s layered challenges as they work to find every collectible. The main protagonist is a magical robot that can grow larger using broken materials he finds around the levels. Knack 2 adds a full two player co-operative experience that will further ingratiate families with this endearing franchise. Players control large pirate ships by each taking on different roles. These vessels are then taken to the high seas for battles. Battling pirate ships has been seen before but never with this level of detail and team-collaboration. It will be players who organise themselves well and plan their strategy that win here. With only a few hints of the exact game play we’re yet to see it in full, but the art style and characters look to continue the first game’s look and feel. For young children this is a game that’s a lot of fun to play. But specifically for this game, such is the beauty of the art style that it will also appeal to parents as well.

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