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LEGO 2017 Y: Star Wars Lego Sets Packs Wing Starfighter

Original box and instructions are included. The instructions have been ‘hole punched’ so they could be stored safely, this in no way effects the reading of the instructions and they are in perfect condition.

Instructions missing box in poor condition. Slight discolouration to some of the white pieces and a couple of the grey pieces. Minor shelf wear with scratches and small creases in the box. All our products are of the highest quality with the best available prices.If you are looking for a used version of this set you won’t be able to get much better. Everything is in original bag and included. Display the model on the tilting stand with informational fact plaque. Parts are not inspected for minor imperfections. There’s also a service cart with tools and ammo as an extra play starter. Of all the recently released rebel ships this one is the best executed and most “realistic,” plus it’s a very fun build its own right.

Lego Star Wars Y Wing Starfighter Review!


I swapped him for one with an orange jumpsuit. In fact the only stickers on the ship itself are 4 large, identical panels that you stick onto the engine nacelles. Because these are larger they are very easy to line up correctly, versus those horrible tiny stickers so small that you can’t see what you’re doing. The kit accurately captures the rough body behind the faired-over forward cockpit, and the engines are a great representation of the screen version. The bomb-dropping feature is amusing and the figures and loading crane are a great plus. The price is reasonable for the size of the kit and the extras it comes with, and the build is pretty straightforward.

I get it: it’s expensive to make a custom mold/paint job for just one model (and who knows how it will sell). Five stars until we test this model on our homemade death star. It’s so tempting for parents to choose the “older” sets because they tend to be bigger and more complete, but a younger kid may end up getting frustrated with a set that is over his/her head. Here’s a small pitfall that we fell into: you get about 10 “struts” of pieces that look like poles, 4 long ones and about 6 short ones. Make sure you match up the sizes with the true to scale illustration!

The carrier has a crane and carries extra ammo for both the spring-loaded darts and the torpedoes. While the vehicle a fun little accessory to the main vehicle, there’s not much that’s interesting in the build of the weapon carrier, so let’s move on. A vehicle chassis is nicely used as the base for the astromech slot. It’s almost a shame that a bunch of wedge plates cover up this innovative build solution. The fourth bag completes the cockpit and adds pylons, landing gear, and greebles to the starfighter’s core from bag 1. The fifth and final bag includes the pieces for the ion jet engine nacelles, as well as a stormtrooper minifigure. The left and right nacelles are identical, and each one includes four identical support pylons, for a total of eight — it’s the only part of the build that begins to feel slightly repetitive, but the realistic look of the finished model is worth the repetition. Large gray stickers add technical details to the curved panel pieces. The greebling is much more detailed, with realistic coloring that replaces more white with light gray. By turning the crank on the rear of the fuselage, the bombs fall through the opening on the underside of the starfighter. Nevertheless, this is a great minifig with detailed leg printing, a unique head/torso piece, and a cool brick-built backpack to go with his heavy minigun-style rotary blaster cannon. It seems like every set must have at least three exclusive figs, even if they arent relevant to the set at all. And why 5 figures for a ship that seats 1?

The other figures are nice to boot as well, and one can’t have too many stormtroopers.

Lego Star Wars Y Wing Starfighter Lego Speed Build

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