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LEGO 2018: Best Lego Ninjago Sets Favorite Ninja Toys

Fly on the back of a powerful dragon to retrieve a mythical blade that will supply you with the power you need to fight back the enemy armies, and save your families. Ninjago is a popular television show (now to be featured as a theatrically released film) but you don’t need to be a fan of the program to enjoy this beautiful and intricate set.

Kids will get a kick out of having the figures racing across the bridge to find the hidden skeleton and other unique features. This set has 3 figures, a cage that opens, and a fun hidden cave to put the skelton or even hide one of the good guys. And the realistic leaf elements will make kids think they are right back in the movie. Kids will get lost in this set, which features so much to do and see, from the weapon’s rack in the throne room to the fire and water elements that sparkle and shine.This kit has 5 figures, including a shark that can be used to “guard’ his lair. Then there’s the police tuc-tuc vehicle, which has a back seat for either friend or foe to occupy. The beauty of this set is it is a land/water one, allowing for more areas to explore. And it comes with 4 figures, so all the kids can get in on the action. The exquisite detail of this dragon is enhanced by the fact of its malleability. Every part moves, so your children (or you for that matter) can enjoy hours of fun moving the legendary beast into dynamic poses.

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This gorgeous set will serve you as a toy as well as it will a display piece. This massive and highly detailed set comes straight from the show. Reenact scenes with your favorite characters, and save the day from the comfort of your own home. The vehicle has a usable cockpit, tilting four-wheel drive steering for greater maneuverability and oversized rubber wheels to drive over any terrain- or enemy. Measuring over 7” tall, and equipped with shooters and ghost discs, this dragon could be the key to victory . Fitted with 6 rapid-shooters, the bike folds out for multi-play scenarios . Lighthouse and jetty are perfect for creating the ultimate battle scene , complete with a glowing brick “light” on top. Includes 7 mini figures so everyone can play. Keep is a pirate airship full of secret compartments and weapons. Featuring a cockpit that figures can sit in and moving motors and propellers with the pull of a lever, kids will feel like they’re flying and fighting. There’s also a detachable boat for a quick getaway, multiple weapons, a pirate flyer and 6 mini figures. Both have open cockpits to pose figures and come with various weapons. Now, is your chance to join the battle and defeat evil once and for all. Their imaginations will soar as they discover these delightful characters , and maybe, good will triumph over evil. Interactive and great for sparking imagination, these kits make the perfect gifts for kids of all ages. They help bring this magical world to life, and let kids be kids, which is a gift in and of itself . Games and building kits like these do so much more than just entertain as they encourage a broader sense of community, creativity, skill and of course, vivid use of the imagination. Christmas lists as it’s not really for the kids now, is it?

It’s 944 pieces of kit to be absolutely exact. Lego sets but it’s easy to see why as this is intricate and certainly will be challenging. It requires creativity, dexterity, and special awareness to construct plus it fosters a real sense of community awareness as well as endless amounts of imagination. It also features a 360-degree rotating cockpit in which you can seat your favorite minifigure from the collection. Lego recommends that the set is suitable for ages eight and upwards and it does have an element of complexity that should satisfy even the more adult builders among you. This set really does make a fantastic gift idea and will get those kids away from their screens for a few hours and involved in some good old-fashioned creative play which has to be a bonus too right!

Lego is a great gift to both give and receive because it really fosters a sense of community and creative play that is so often missing from our kids lives these days. Building requires thought, planning, and ability and seeing the fruits of your labor with a finished end product is ultimately rewarding. Better still, it may well have provided some much-needed parent-child bonding time too as you’ve worked together on the assembly and that really is something that you can’t put a price on. This type of creative play is so much more rewarding than seeing them stuck with their face in a screen the whole day!

Features of the kit include hidden weapons, fold out on the go rapid shooters as well as being to activate speed and attack modes with your vehicle. There are also 2 hidden spring-loaded shooters to recreate battle scenes plus a storage compartment that actually opens and which can be used to disguise and hide your weapons. This is one set that really won’t break the bank, but that still has plenty of pieces and complexity to offer a fun and creative construction. It is absolutely packed with building pieces and guaranteed to keep even the most active kid amused for hours to come.

You can construct multiple levels, and the level of intricacy and detail is just staggering. We’re seriously impressed by this particular building kit and are pretty confident that you will be too. The three levels are interconnected by a sliding elevator but also can be removed and played with independently for even more imaginative and creative sessions.

Lego 2018 Ninjago Sets

Level 1 includes a bridge and its own sewer outlet along with a stream featuring translucent water. There’s also a traditional fish market that you can build with both fish and crab along with your own house that can be built with a dining room and bedroom. Level 2 incorporates a modern fashion store and comes with 2 mannequins, a cashier desk and also a comic book stand. Level 3 has its own rooftop sushi bar that even features a sushi conveyor belt. Take care when moving around to avoid the spiders and make sure you don’t get trapped inside their sinister prison. Lego construction kit for you and the family to enjoy. Launch the drone to take your battle sky high or pit those rotating chopper blades against your enemy.

You get to create a cockpit that can actually open up as well as fully movable and posable arms. There are also gripping fists and fold-up shoulder loudspeakers which further feature deadly attack missiles. Such a cool gift to give and one that will provide hours of imaginative role play and good old-fashioned creative fun. There’s also some sets missing from the list so they could be store exclusives.

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