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Also, is that a saber tooth tiger in a block of ice in that other arctic set?

I can’t tell if it’s another ice age critter or some kind of fossil.

I was hoping for something huge, not 442 pieces. This set’s been at the top of my wishlist since it was announced. Would have been a big let down if it was just a little dock with all those minifigs.

I have 6543, 6479 and 6540 and love them all.They’re both last year’s sets so are now likely open for sale in other stores. Elves, that one seems to get a lot of attention story-wise.

I used to get so hyped when they rolled out a new theme, but they hardly ever do anymore. They nearly went bankrupt before they started making a lot of licensed sets. The license model gives them unique sets that their competitors can’t make, giving them a market edge. Sure, this can lead to some cool sets and ideas (sky pirates, this new sub-theme), but it also has downsides.

Analysis Lego Harry Potter 2018 Leaks, Rumors, And Speculation!

NOTE: I cannot give you a link to where you might find any of the leaked images I discuss, for fear that LEGO will take down my …

Batman is probably a placeholder, but who’s the third?

Edit: and are those release/discontinuation dates estimates or are they accurate?

Arctic city sets are interesting to me as well. These catalogues are for secondary retailers so they know what to stock, so d2c (direct to consumer) sets won’t show up on them.

I don’t care who said it, but show some respect. Only three days till the start of a new week. In the meantime relax and enjoy the little things!

I can’t tell who the figures are or who they’re supposed to represent. Anything greater than 16 figures has mostly been a licensed minifigure collection so far. They’re coming, we will just have to wait for any news.

I think it’s because a number of their upcoming licensed sets are based on unreleased movies, which they can’t really spoil. They haven’t given any official reasons though.

Lego City Sets Leaked!

(Real Pictures)

LEGO City 2018 Sets LEAKED!

(REAL PICTURES) A reddit user leaked the City 2018 sets!

Which one is your favorite?

Make sure …

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