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LEGO 2018: Review Lego Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Minifigures

Here’s the leaflet included in each blind bag which contains a character checklist, and some simple instructions for minifigs that require some additional assembly. Not a fan of this ratio, but with 22 characters in a set, you were never going to get 3 complete sets in the box.

It completely conceals his lightning scar, which isn’t ideal. Here’s the back printing, where you can see the hood of his robe and maroon trim on the inside. They to bridge the gap between kid and adult minifigs, doing a great job of representing teenage-aged characters. Oh and they can swivel and function just like regular legs, which is a massive accomplishment!Here’s a look at her back printing, which is almost identical to the other students. Scabbers makes great use of the new rat mould, which now has plenty of printing on it to give it a more accurate rat-like appearance.

I was very impressed that he even has a bald spot on his head, with a few tufts of hair missing. Try feeling for a lumpy plastic bit, with a rounded piece on either end which is its tail.

I love the mostly green uniform, with matching cape and broomstick. Luna is a treat, and is undoubtedly one of my favourites in the entire series.

Lego Minifigures Series 18 25 Pack Opening!

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Neville has one of the best facial expressions in a minifig ever. His default face is one of surprise, with his buckteeth biting on his lower lip. Neville’s alternate face is a delight, with his eyes closed and a slightly euphoric (or high) expression on his face. For accessories, she comes with a brown wand, and a brown owl. Here’s a look at the back printing, which is similar to all other students. The subtle details on the snake such as the raised eyes, and mouth are really nice. Dobby has undergone a bit of a facelift since his previous outing, with a much happier, and realistic face mould. The sock is printed on a 2×1 tile, and can be affixed into the diary. The book piece is a relatively new accessory, and the fact that it’s printed is a very nice touch.

You can also try feeling for the sock tile which is the only 2 x 1 tile in the series. Here’s a look at the back of her hair, and the great new skirt piece. Unlike previous skirt pieces, which were flimsily attached to the torso, these new curved sloped pieces now have pins, just like regular minifig legs. The teacup saucer is also quite easy to feel for as it feels like an ordinary 1 x 1 round stud. He’s dressed very sharply in a three-piece suit, complete with a bowtie. He has medium-length brown hair which is parted in the middle. He is one of the 4 minifigures with short, rigid legs, so that’s not a particularly reliable way to find him. It’s supposed to be wooden, but they gave him a metal leg in the movies for an unknown reason.

I love this “two characters in one minifigure” trend, as it buffs up the total number of characters in the series. The pyjamas are great, and are a really versatile piece, but disappointingly, his legs are solid in colour. It’s such a waste that they didn’t manage to print the pyjama stripes down to his legs as well. He wears a hat, with a golden tassel on it. Albus definitely wins my vote for wizard sartorial excellence, with one of the best outfits in this series. Feel for the pensieve which feels like a shallow dish to confirm him. Overall, it’s a pretty good mix of long-awaited characters, and updates to existing favourites.

For accessories, he comes with a new briefcase piece, which is a fantastic new accessory, even if it’s a little big and unwieldy for minifigs. It has a handle, and can open up, just like a normal briefcase with a small space on the inside to store things. It’s rectangular shape is quite easy to make out, but do remember that it will most likely be in two pieces. She comes with a great hairpiece in dark blue, which has her hair fused to her cloche hat. She has a strange choice of accessory, a wand and a hot dog. Jacob is a portly man with a magnificent moustache, and his appearance is reflected well with his minifigure. As he’s a muggle, he’s dressed in a grey suit, with a light blue vest and a spotted red tie. They fit comfortably within the suitcase. She has a sultry smile, and a fantastic hairpiece that’s surprisingly accurate. Her dress is also really close to the movie costume , except for a minor colour variation with the colour of her slip inside. She comes with a black wand, which is fairly uncommon in this series, as well as a large loaf.

Lego 2018 Minifigures

Overall, feel like she’s a really strong inclusion in this series, and that new bread piece is simply divine. It’s one of the most underrated new accessories introduced in this series. The style is right, but it’s a little too large and mushroom-y which gives it a bit of an odd look. It’s a nice touch on an otherwise fairly boring minifigure. That said, this is the only minifigure of his character, so completionists and fans of the movie will be happy to have him. A law that directs those under its dominion to cower in fear, lest we risk discovery.

I also really like the red and white trim on his jacket. Graves also has arm printing, with a white trip that extends to his wrist, as well as back printing as well.

First Photos Of The Party Themed LEGO Minifigures Series 18

He comes with an oatmeal-coloured wand, and in this view, you can also see his fantastic two-toned hairpiece which has bits of greying hair to complete the look. If you’re lucky enough to find a sealed or newly opened box, start by looking in the left-most row of the box from the back. He should be about 4 or 5 minifigures deep.

I may have to grab some for my little potter :).

I kept asking customer service when they would get in, and they told me they would hold a box for me for 1 day when it came in. Maybe we see that more often in future series. They are a wonderful set of figures, the best ever in my opinion. Have to admit, thought the series was excellent. Think the cloak is superb and like the scar on his forehead.

I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to introduce the books to her. It took about thirty minutes and the help of two friends to find him.The new medium legs are a dream come true!

The detailed background information from the books and films was also a very welcome accompaniment to your subjective thoughts.

I thought it was a great way to bring out some of their facial features.

I often find it tricky to be critical about licensed minifigs, as it all boils down to how well they match the properties they’re based on, and in the case of the minifigs in this series, they did do an exemplary job of capturing those tiny details well. This definitely means that the ratio of minifigs in a box will likely change, so it’ll be interesting to see how that affects the relative rarity of each minifigure.

I think the biggest disappointment is the orange base.

Lego Ninjago Bricktober Minifigures Pack Review!

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Was hoping they would continue with something similar. Kind of funny to have dragon guy with firework guys sunglasses though. The set in his hand is fun and he doesn’t have any particular nostalgia for me… other than his face. Faces as they’ve become fill me with a little regret. Some of the recent minifig accessories and printing have been a little shoddy. Lego celebrates their own brand with the series as well. Can’t pick a favourite, but my least favourite ones would be the girl and boy brick. There isn’t a single bad minifigure in the series. Especially if you’re old enough to have had set 600 the first time around!

I always come here first for my sneak peaks at the new minifig series. The costumes fig is always the most popular, so a set of costumed figs?

I am seriously considering buying a whole box. Worst series ever if you ask me other than the dragon suit guy.Let us know what you think in the comments below. It also looks like that this new minifig rendition comes with arm prints that resemble arm or elbow guards.

I assume that you can also build up your own army of minifigure warriors or soldiers depending on the mission. The survey also gives a brief description about this mystery game. For the meantime, let’s wait and see how things will turn out, and hopefully we’ll learn more about this mystery game any time soon. In case you’re wondering if they’re printed at the back, yes they are. They both were numbered in a 500 limited production run, so chances are, no. Perhaps somebody will eventually sell them for inflated prices online, but it’s up to you if you’ll keep an eye out for these or not. Grady is a dinosaur trainer, adventurer, and incredible tracker. It’s a prehistoric adventure not to be missed!

Hogwarts knowledge to the test with tons of fun quizzes and activities.

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