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LEGO 2018: Technic

We first saw one of these sets last week but we now get some official images of it and more!

It includes a large drum of hazardous waste material.

Lego 2018 Technic

The body of the truck is a yellow and blue with large black wheels. The build of the forklift is black with a large tan base. It’s a logging machine with a giant front arm that picks up the “lumber” pieces. It comes with a lot of mini-figure accessories including a water bottle and a chainsaw.It uses more of the curved connector pieces than the original 90-degree connector pieces for a smoother look to the final product. It appears to be an upgraded version of a similar wheel loader put out in 2014. This particular set is based on a drone operated loader with a rear robot camera. The color scheme is a stripped down yellow and black with large wheels and a mostly black body. The rear camera comes off the back end and curves to the front above the gray box. The base is black with black wheels for the ultimate contrast.

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It comes with several silver block pieces for lifting purposes.

Lego Technic Summer Sets!

Heavy Duty Forklift, Forest Machine, Rough Terrain Crane!

Summer 2018 is shaping up to be a good one for LEGO!

Four new LEGO Technic sets have just been revealed!

The Rough …

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