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LEGO 2019 Sets

If we’re doing sixteen minifigures, we could get: 1. We’ll keep a close eye on this, and will update you as soon as we can.

Lego 2019 Sets

We may also have a train with 2019’s group. And without notifying the loyal fans what is going on. They responded that the theme was being discontinued. Other than 10277 set which i have no idea what and why is there a huge jump in numbers, but i can certainly say 2019 is a good year for expert sets and that there is 1 set for each series.

New Lego Star Wars Winter 2019 Set Pictures!

The Lego Movie Winter Sets!

So Much New Stuff!

6 NEW LEGO Star Wars sets have been revealed thanks to Brickset (Who’s part of the LEGO Ambassador Network)!

We have …

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