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LEGO 21009

More fun than a 56 year old man has a right to expect!

If you prefer using the larger, traditional bricks, this set may not be for you.

Lego 21009

Although it has over 500 pieces, the finished model isn’t large. This is a nice set that looks very clean when finished; the accompanying literature about the history of the house is an interesting read. It is a bit different than the other models in the series in that the scale is a a bit bigger, which allows you to see the interior of the model, which is a nice change. The kit is simpler than the number of pieces might suggest.My only negative on this kit is the base which it sits on. Rather than a single base plate, it is a series of 12 6×10’s which are connected together underneath. All the pieces were there and the packaging is upscale. The instruction books that come with the architecture series are valuable items all on their own, including information and pictures of the original structure. Using the same size pieces but increasing the size of the model would have made it closer to the proportions of the original house, and would have allowed for the interior to be more detailed and more visible. It arrived promptly and the recipient has already finished building it.

Lego Architecture 21009 Farnsworth House From 2011

LEGO Architecture 21009 Farnsworth House from 2011 546b pieces. Lego model with really nice instruction book that includes …

Thank you, everything went well and really fast!

Lego Farnsworth House (Stop Motion Animation)

Stop motion animation video. Set number: 21009 Release date: 2011 Ages: 12+ Number of pieces: 546 Category: Architecture …

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