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LEGO 21022 Architecture Lincoln Memorial Retired Complete

Most of the parts are small, and a lot of the assembly is repetitive. It is about four inches wide which makes it one of the smaller sets, but it looks good inside and out.

Lego 21022

The booklet that comes along with this is interesting to read through. It is a pretty straight forward build with a little over 200 parts. It took me about an hour to build, and because of the use of many of the same types of “bricks”, this is a good kit to take apart and build again. Gave it to a 7th grade boy and he liked it but it was too easy to build.I love buying these of the places we’ve visited, they always spark long conversations of our trip there. It has a lot of detail and the statue inside is the icing on the cake. It wasn’t particularly challenging to build despite the small pieces, and took me less than 30 min to put together. Today, it remains a hugely popular tourist attraction and is open 24 hours a day to the public. It is an interesting build if rather short.

I couldn’t believe how small this model was, esp.

Lego Architecture Lincoln Memorial Review!

Set 21022

Architecture models my son has done in the past.

Lego Architecture Lincoln Memorial Lego Speed Build Review

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