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LEGO 21030 Price: Amazon Lego Architecture United States Capitol Building

I received it as a (42nd) birthday present and built it over the course of three evenings. Most of the exterior walls are built of 1×1 angular bricks, some facing inward to create rows of square windows, others facing outward to suggest arches & round windows.

There is an interior space detailing the floor under the rotunda, including a circle of statues, that can be viewed by lifting the rotunda off; a nice little touch. First my only complaint, the back side of the model does not have nearly the level of detail as the front and sides. This is a shame, as it’s really nice to open one bag at a time and only deal with the pieces needed in the next few steps. If you like puzzles or need to challenge your mind and work on hand dexterity at the same time this is a great product.You have to pay attention to detail, hand and finger dexterity is a must, your mind stays active and you can see the building transform before your eyes. It’s excellent for anyone who’s getting older and wanting something challenging to work on that doesn’t require all sorts of other tools or accessories. White legos have a tendency to become discolored over time. A few hours a day to prolong the fun and completed in 4 days. There are facts every couple of pages about the building and they pay tribute to the history. Remove the dome to access the rotunda, featuring columns, 8 statue elements and a tiled floor.

Measures over 6” (16cm) high, 17” (44cm) wide and 5”(14cm) deep. Only complaint is half the building is missing. Would really like a work around to finish the building.

I bought this set as it looked like a nice big set given the piece count. Very pleased and have already ordered 2 more from the series. The look of this building look very detail, the colours are nice eg white look very clean and shiny. Anyway you can’t really do much on this building because the only thing you can do is take the cone off. But if you want it for play about then this building is no good. Very happy with the price and the product. The provided book gives great history of the building & great for the build with its detailed step by step guide.

I decided to build this in stages to make the build last longer & to get the most from it. It was just a fun experience from beginning to end.

I thought it was amazing that they were included in the kit anyway. It is beautifully printed, and just contributes to the overall pleasure of the experience. The really fun surprise was the detachable dome that reveals the rotunda below with the statues inside!

Despite the large number of pieces, the set was a relative quick build.

I decided to divert from the instruction booklet and use my own pieces to create an ‘updated’ version, which includes a centered dome and the other half of the building, so the model is complete, not just a front view.

Lego Architecture United States Capitol Building Speed Build

A detailed look at the Lego United States Capitol in Washington D.C., USA. Pieces 1032 Price 99.99 Discover the architectural …

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