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LEGO 21033 Chicago Instructions Architecture

I had a great time spending a couple hours taking my time through the build process. The instruction book also has some nice info about the buildings themselves.

Lego 21033

I will definitely be purchasing more of the architecture sets. Great lego set; it was a fun and easy build and is cool to have a little piece of home on my bookshelf. It took him a few hours and it’s now on display in his hootch. This is perhaps one of the cheaper sets out there, so if he looses a piece, it’s no big deal.It comes with a really nice instruction book with a preface that shows each building (nice photography) and gives a bit of history on each one.

I gave him his first one and he was immediately hooked. So much better than being glued to a screen and very attractive to display on a shelf. They allow me to relax while also learning a bit more about different architectural sites around the world.

We all know the usual sites, but how about getting places not so well known as well. It was the first time he ever tried to build a lego architecture set and he had a really fun time!

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This new version leaves less to the imagination like its predecessor and looks more like the truly iconic building we all know.

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