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LEGO 21102: Minecraft Micro World Forest

Basics are that you make something out of bricks, a resemblance of what you see in the the real world or from your mind. Somehow, it brought joy, made me feel like a hero, and gave everyone else in the household ( including the dog) pure peace for for 4 hours.

Lego 21102

Has to have something like a good pair of tweezers to rearrange tiles in between structures. They are discontinued and so hard to come by. Had it out of the box and put together in no time. Just surprised it took both sides so long to come together and produce something.All the sections have light grey and dark grey lower sections, often with cave detailing and caves that can be viewed when opened up or arranged differently than usual. One of the four sections features a large log cabin, made of brown plates with transparent clear ones for windows. The house has a completely flat top, and is surrounded by some low scrub and rocks. Under the ground, this section features a cave filled with a lake. It features a dry, rocky cave under its surface. The third section features a river, a tree surrounded by rocks, and a large hill.

Lego Minecraft 21102 The Forest Micro World Set Review!

Underneath the surface, there is some free ground on the bottom plate, as the upper ground slopes outward, creating a small empty area at the bottom. The fourth section features a mountain with lava flowing down its slope like a river, as well as a very small hill. The project originally received 10, 005 supporters, due to a glitch. This set has two, while two other sets have three, and one has five.

Lego Minecraft Micro World The Forest!!!!

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