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LEGO 21112 Minecraft Nether Fortress

Take your diamond pickaxe and mine glowstone to light your way, but be careful not to trigger a lava flow!

Minecraft fans as they go on an exciting and dangerous quest for vital resources.

Lego 21112

Young builders will love wielding the iron pickaxe to dig and battle against angry zombies and spiders. When kids are done battling and mining, they can restore their energy levels with the chest of bread. The instructions were easy for him to understand and he didn’t have to ask for any help. She spent hours putting it together and explaining to me what the game was all about.I see this as a non gender specific toy and any kid who likes to build things will enjoy it. It isn’t too hard to put together, and it stays together for the most part.

I find with the set it that there are too many parts with only a single nubbin- when these parts are put in the middle of a stack of bricks (which the instructions tell you do do in several places), the bricks stacked on top of them easily pop off [see image 3]. She was very excited to get this kit in the mail, and very excited for me to build it for her. First off, it’s a very easy and fast build. Combine the kit with the game and an entire new and more enjoyable world explodes in the child’s imagination.

All pieces are well made and the scene really comes to life. Unlike standard legos where kids just build something from imagination, this is a highly stylized set that you have to put together exactly.

We stayed and played with them for about half an hour but we clearly just slowed them down. Or, at least, the build didn’t take very long.

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