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LEGO 21127: Amazon Lego Minecraft Fortress Toys Games

Push the pressure plates to open the fortress doors!

So we said nope, not this time- we will get a challenging one.

His exact words about this set just now were “it has endless play”.

I checked many other sources and didn’t find a better price. Great toy with endless play opportunities. Steve with a full set of gold armor, 3 skeletons, a sheep and even a horse with an articulated head and tail.You can easily build this set in minecraft. My 6-year old son had a blast and could build it himself with little supervision. Took us about 3 days to complete, we worked on it slowly. He is still putting it together, it will keep him busy for a long time. Same lego quality as all other lego products. Light the fires and torches, load up the cannons and take your golden armor from its stand.

But an army of skeletons is approaching the fortress walls. It’s time to defend your home and your livestock. Light the fires and torches, load up the cannons and take your golden armour from its stand. This particular set has different build options, making the modular sections, allows quick alterations from gatehouse to keep to towers, or fortified walls. Scale is pretty much the same as lego city range although characters have minecrafts square heads, not sure this quite blends with the other lego products, however this box is so full of bits it is more than capable of standalone play. Excellent for the minecraft/lego enthusiast!

Steve minifigure, horse, sheep and 3 skeletons.

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