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LEGO 21136: Amazon Lego Minecraft Ocean Monument Building Piece

Includes over 1, 120 pieces with accessory elements such as an enchanted armor and sword, and pickax. It looks kind of meh from the outside, but the inside of this thing is amazing.

Lego 21136

Tons of neat little cubby holes and traps and stuff. He’s built it several different ways and is still playing with it as a set two months after receiving it. Battle the elder guardian with spring-loaded shooter, activate the dry sponge function to enter the monument and locate the lever to open the treasure chamber full of golden blocks. Remove the roof section and fold out the model for access to the detailed interior.Put on your enchanted armor, grab your enchanted sword and prepare for action!

Activate the dry sponge function to soak up the water and enter the monument. Dodge the elder guardian’s spring-loaded shooter. Measures over 5” (15cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep. Anything for my baby boy

anyways great set, lets of pieces and actually fun to play with too!

Lego Minecraft The Ocean Monument Review!

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