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LEGO 21142

Do a spot of fishing and build an arrow dispenser to defend against the stray. Remove the igloo roof to access the detailed interior featuring a buildable redstone torch, bed, crafting table and furnace.

Build an arrow dispenser and launch the flick missiles to defend against the stray. Check out the polar bear that can stand on its back legs!

Accessory elements include a fishing rod, 2 fish, ladder and a chest. Measures over 4” (11cm) high, 6” (16cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep.The set includes a nice taiga tree that rests in front of an igloo, as well as a torch that’s nestled on top of a wooden feature next to some patches of grass. To the left of the igloo is a water area with pieces of ice inside.

I wish they had done something a little more diverse with this set.

I liked the skeleton and the polar bears in this set and they really made the set work. This awesome base has a redstone torch, cozy bed, crafting table and a furnace. Check out the inside of the igloo and combine with other sets.

Lego Minecraft The Polar Igloo Review!


Features a cozy bed, crafting table, and a furnace. Grab your fishing rod and catch some dinner from the ocean. Plus buildable stray, polar bear, and baby polar bear figures. It was an easy build, but we especially loved that the top of the igloo came off allowing you to play inside of the igloo. Per the child’s mom- it was one of the first gifts he opened when he got home from his party.

I asked if it was what he was wanting and he very enthusiastically told me it was!

Lego Minecraft The Polar Igloo Lego Speed Build

New Lego Minecraft 2018 The Polar Igloo Discover an igloo in a snow-covered biome, complete with a polar bear and a baby …

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