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LEGO 21145 Skull Arena Instructions

Challenge your opponent for the prized golden apple. It is a fairly simple build that goes together quickly.

This kit lets him indulge in both interests at once. Unfortunately, this is a pretty basic build that was “not that fun” to assemble, and didn’t have a whole lot of post-assembly play potential. This set was missing a single 1x 8 white piece. That way he can play with the legos over and over again.Grab your gold sword or axe and dodge the slime shooter as you battle to win the golden apple. Defeat the killer bunny to get the healing potions and chest containing a shield and bow. Accessory elements include 2 red healing potions, chest and a shield. This is as close as we will likely get to getting a set featuring those characters.

I love the new skins as they add a nice variety to displays and the collection.

I cant imagine this would have been too challenging given the flat surfaces.

Lego Minecraft The Skull Arena Review!

New Figures!


For younger kids this set seems great as well as it give a concise play experience in a small set. There are different ways to combat each figure and change the game up. This is both good for kids for play and adults as it brings in new parts and figures. Dodge the slime shooter and battle the killer bunny to get the healing potions and chest.

Lego Minecraft The Skull Arena Lego Speed Build

New Lego Minecraft 2018 The Skull Arena Dodge the slime shooter and defeat your opponent to claim the prize golden apple, …

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