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LEGO 21204

Expand your virtual world in every direction. The app includes a free trial of the full experience.

Lego 21204

This toy merges the happiness of making your own building with the adventure of video games. Let your imagination run free and make your very own virtual town.

You can create your own roads, shops, towers, and fire stations from scratch and feel like an engineer.

You can even use the same building over and over again to expand your virtual world.You can also enhance your problem-solving skills by creating the perfect world and resolving issues when they arise.

You can also engage in everyday scenarios, such as catching robbers, fighting fires, and skateboarding. This game is suitable for all kids ages 7 and above. The bricks are made of durable plastic that you’d expect from the toy brand. The problem with lego sets is that once you build it, it’s done. This toy is actually more of a computer game.

Lego® Fusion Town Master 21204

Watch how LEGO® bricks come to life in LEGO® FUSION Town Master. Rule your town and create it the way you want by building …

It comes with random bricks, which you make into houses and then you photograph them with your device.

You slowly build your town and you have missions and the people tell you what they want.

You continue making structures if you want, or use the ones in the memory that you’ve already used for other buildings. The great thing about it is that you can start all over. My son is 8 and there can be some difficulty in photographing the buildings, but after a few tries he was able to do it without any help from me. First, you have to have a compatible device/tablet to play the game. Third, you are only building the fronts of the buildings and the game fills the rest in. Fourth, you need to know how to enable the camera, so the app can use it. Thankfully, despite the drawbacks that drive me nuts, my son still enjoys playing the game. Compatible devices should be specifically listed on this product’s description.

I don’t know how the toy actually performs since we haven’t been able to use it, but the product description is really sadly lacking in important details about the app’s compatibility with other devices. It is worthless for anything other than additional lego pieces. He loved the toy until the app started glitching – it worked fine in the beginning, but a few weeks later he isn’t able to take clear photos of his builds. We’re trying to see if we can find a way to reset the app so it can take clear photos again. It would be really fun for him if it worked well again!

The product and scanning works pretty well, and the game is well made, but the fun just doesn’t last very long.

Lego Fusion Town Master Set New For Unboxing

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