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LEGO 21303 Wall E: BrickLink

Its too heavy for the connection that was used and it just kind of flops around.

I wrapped some kapton tape around the stud that is being used as the axle.

I did notice the “head” problem that others mentioned, but wrapping the head connector pin with pipe/thread tape worked perfectly to give the joint some much-needed friction!

Otherwise a great set and a very enjoyable build. It gives fans and collectors the opportunity to entertain themselves by letting their creativity and imagination run wild. Once the build is over this little bot puts a smile on your face and makes for a cheerful display, however it’s tough enough for the kids to play with.The tracks work best on carpet, and is easily posable to create multiple expressions. It’s tracks move the hands work, eyes move door opens it is a pretty cool toy. Only issue is the head is heavy and drops so does not pose. It was challenging at times (such as putting the treads together and in place) but highly enjoyable. He’s very possible and his tracks work great. Great waste of an afternoon and a lifelong ornament for the geek shelf!

I was impressed by the building technique for the eyes, and have picked up some handy tips for future creations. Because lacking experience, didn’t collect bricks into separate color which makes longer time to find bricks. It is unfortunate that he has been retired. The finished figure lends itself to photos and being displayed. Took some time to build approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes which is fair enough. It looks magnificent, but just like one other review suggested the product has not play value rather it’s a statue for you or your friends to look at.

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