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LEGO 21306 Retiring Retired Beatles Yellow Submarine

Read our detailed review if you’re on the fence. Check out our review by our very own resident physicist.

Lego 21306 Retiring

Damaged box and missing train controller. Therefore, it is better to have a spare lighter in the car, at home and at work. Really loving the use of all those sausage pieces for the top railing. But congrats to all the beatles fans out there.Ideas set that even looks even better than the first draft. By the way, are those double sided heads?

It’s cool to see nowhere man included as well. As i side note i have told my wife that my lego collection is to never be sold. Only given away after my death.(not any time soon). It brings to mind some of those old, weird scooby doo – monkees mashups that they did.

Lego Investing 21306 Beatles Yellow Submarine

In this video, I give a 2 and an 8 year projection for this awesome Lego set. The Yellow Submarine is a solid buy!

Tune in to see …

My favorit toy mixed with my favorit band.

Lego Investing Ucs Slave I

Let us look at the UCS Slave 1 from Lego!

I will calculate a 2 and 8 year price projection for this amazing set.

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