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LEGO 21309 Myer

It’s likely that date will extend out as more orders are placed, so get in quick. If you are still on the fence about the set you can check out my review here.

One to build with the kids, and one to keep boxed. Check in store as this item is not listed online. While it doesn’t appear online for the public it appears on their internal system which you can then with staff assistant order from. Yeah didnt wanna risk it and paid full price same as you.Carindale might have some stock, unless our orders are being allocated from there. The woman said they had none left in the store but they were still available for home delivery so she placed an order for me over the phone. Not sure how that would work if it’s already on the shop floor. Asked us all to come back in an hour and see what was brought up!

I was really hoping to pick up a set today as it’s my birthday and my daughter is still in hospital after two weeks. Thought it would be good for both of us but the stars haven’t quite aligned.

Sold one for a tidy profit, built the other. This is possibly one of the best sets you will find. Lego customer service said they will become available again next year. As it’s limitd stock it never made it to the online store. Ditto, the item has been dispatched, happy days!!

Not sure if there are any running myer promo codes.

I managed to order a second after ordering the first.

Aldi D Printer Power Failure Myer Lego Saturn Retail Fail Yes I’M Very Angry

Just typical day in Australia buying a Cocoon Create 3D Printer from Aldi. Had to get out of the store fast because of the blackouts …

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