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LEGO 21312

I wish they could have added in another woman (there are so many great ones to choose from).

I started to put it together and my son immediately took over saying how cool it was.

I received my set today and am very happy. The instruction manual has a little biography on each featured woman in the set which is great for those who may not know why these women are such pioneers. Given there are 3 small models to assemble, each one is subsequently fairly easy to assemble. My 5 year old who was able to complete portions independently on the architecture series sets (rated age 12 & up) wasn’t too interested in these (rated age 10 & up).My point being, that although the age rating for some of these are quite high, the concept and pictorial step wise manuals make it reasonable for even a 2 year old to attempt and a 5 year old to complete so don’t be dissuaded by the age requirement. Lego also does an excellent job is providing backstory and relevant information about the subject model in its manual. Just remember, if you buy from a scalper this time, they will use that money to buy the next “hot” item and overcharge you for that one too. Wonderful for their imaginations and creativity and they get such a sense of accomplishment with every build!

It was simple to put together & looks great with it taking pride of place on my bookcase!

In my opinion it doesn’t have a whole lot of play value because this is one that you would. ..

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