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LEGO 24078

Also features a detachable trailer with extendable outriggers, landing legs, synchronized crane arms and a container with lockable doors. Check out the authentic gray, black, white and green color scheme.

Steer the truck into position, lower the landing legs, extend the outriggers and operate the synchronized crane arms to side-load the container onto the trailer. Lift the hood to reveal a detailed 6 cylinder straight engine with moving pistons and spinning radiator fan. Open the side panels to access the fuel tanks. This set includes over 2, 590 pieces and is suitable for ages 11-16.The most intense part was building the cab, there were a lot of small parts for it construction. A few corners were cut to keep the piece count reasonable. But as it stands, you will have a lot of pieces left over if you build the garbage truck model. Parts you need early on will be spread among all the bags. Save yourself time and headache and open all the bags from the get-go.

I was impressed with how sturdy the truck is, even just the chassis.

Wir Bauen Lego Mack Anthem 24078

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I was also impressed on how smooth the compactor/ejector operates, as well as the fact that it slides the whole length of the hopper. It would be nice if controls for the compactor/ejector would have been provided on both sides of the truck, as are provided for the lifting arms.

I also would have liked different gearing for the lifting arms, as the linear actuators are quite slow to operate. The locking control for the lifting forks is nice, but unfortunately prevents the forks from being able to fold up all the way, like they would on a real truck. An interesting piece was used for the engine fan. It feels kinda flimsy and looks a little odd, but is nearly completely hidden once the cab is fully-assembled. It would have been nice if the cab would have had operable doors, but there’s already a lot of moving functions, in addition to limited space. The dumpster is a little disappointing, as it’s a miss-match of extra pieces.

I did also have to swap out a couple of the pieces from the dumpster (the guides that the lifting arm forks slide into) in order to make the colors match on the roof of the truck (see photos). My favorite part of this is thae way the steering wheel tilts and turns as the steering on the rear of the truck is turned. My only real complaints are that the antennae on the doors come off easily as does the front of the truck.

I can’t let most people play with it as they are not going to be careful with it. As stated before it looks amazing, the features are cool. The steering and the engine are a welcome change. The outriggers and winches are not ideal for me. It took me a while and took me several days to complete. It’s visually stunning and fun to play with. My only problem is that you need to play with both wheels to lower the container otherwise there is an imbalance issue if you only use one wheel at a time.

You can also find this part in at least 2 other colours.

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