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LEGO 2504 Review Spinjitzu Dojo

The front of the box shows the good fighting with the baddies and also 5 cards were shown on the lower right of the box. The top side shows the name of each character together with the actual minifigs scale while the back shows the playability of the set, name of the character and the weapon you receive from this set.

Lego 2504 Review

Nuckal’s head and armor are packed separately in bag one.

I like the new skeleton torso, they are printed too. Here’s the right part of the dojo when it facing me. It got some turning samurai sword on the wall and there is a button behind the wall for you to twist.Moving to the left side of the dojo, there is trap with falling axes. Both side of the wall got hanging chain, lantern and a flick fire missile.

I have no idea why, but mostly is to add value, which is playability. Now to the center of the dojo where there is this gate that can be open and also a little trap. But seriously, it really are like treasure as there are stands holding the shuriken and is a room with only shuriken and stands. As a result, the sensei have to guard it himself.

So to activate the trap, all you have to do is to press the shuriken holder platform.

Lego Ninjago Review Spinjitzu Dojo!


373 pieces $50 U.S. dollars 3 Minifigures.

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