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LEGO 2×1 Brick

A lot of people on social media critize this build due to its “micro” figure scale as opposed to the traditional “mini” figure scale.

I enjoy building something a little different.

Lego 2x1 Brick

There are fun unique pieces in the set as well. Stickers have begun failing my earlier harry potter sets whenever we rebuild them. Truly a huge value for what you’re getting. Lego fan and own multiple sets but never wrote any review until this one.The miniature representation of key locations and events from the books are all very nicely selected. Building the set is like reliving all the adventures that happened in this magical place. The level of detail is unprecedented, and creating each little diorama adds to the excitement as the build progresses. This is microfig scale, and that is to the model’s benefit. This isn’t a playset, it’s a model to be created and admired.

I built this over the course of 6 days (didn’t want it all to be over with too quick) and thoroughly enjoyed all the little details that were crammed into this huge set!

Fit 700 LEGO 1×2 Bricks in a Large Pick-A-Brick Cup!

In this video, I demonstrate how to fit a massive amount of 1×2 LEGO bricks

It would be fun to have a few more tiny stickers to make what things are a bit more obvious. The microfigures are cool, but it’s a bit hard to tell who’s who. What tool can get two 1×2 plates apart without damaging them?

What tool do you recommend to separate them?

Here, you’d need to embed the image itself, provided you’re ready to license it under cc-wiki. It also can be jimmied back and forth without much slippage. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count ). Browse other questions tagged tools disassembly or ask your own question . How do you drill concentric holes of different diameters on a drill press?

Learn how to quickly and easily make a 2×1 Lego brick in Autodesk Inventor.

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