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LEGO 2×4 Brick Combinations: Found

What about laying four bricks side-by-side and connecting them across the top with the other two or other small, flat structures?

After about a week of calculations, he came up with 915, 104, 765 calculations.

Today the same calculation takes only five minutes, but adding additional bricks ups the computing time exponentially. Eilers estimates that calculating nine or ten bricks would take years, or even hundreds of years. However, the number is wrong – very wrong. How does one arrive at the number 102, 981, 500?How does one arrive at the number 915, 103, 765?

There are 25 symmetric configurations, but the remaining 465 -25 configurations are counted twice. This is probably just because the calculator used at the time did not have the capacity for 9-digit numbers. This is a computation which takes about half a week on a standard home computer. But to compute the correct number would seem to be impossible without access to a relatively powerful computer. Obviously this has been forgotten over the years.

A Lego Brickumentary Clip Math

In 1958 LEGO estimated six standard LEGO bricks could come together nearly 103 million ways. Professor Soren Eilers …

It is worthwile to point out that it is not the size of the number which is the problem. But the mathematics of the total number of combinations is so irregular that it is very difficult to come up with a formula for it. Mathematicians often get the question of whether there is anything left to study in mathematics. The common misconception that the study of mathematics is somehow complete is probably induced by the fact that the mathematics most people encounter during their education is several centuries old. In the summer of 2004, he developed and executed a program which gave the number 915, 103, 765. Subsequently, he has toyed with the problem of finding a better description of the number of combinations. Being no expert no combinatorics, he has tried to persuade colleagues to work on the problem.

Lego® Fun Facts Brick Edition Did You Know?

Have you ever wondered how many LEGO bricks were in the world!?!?!?!

Or how many different combinations a few LEGO 2×4

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