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LEGO 3: Iris Lego Drawer Workstation Tabletop Unit

Can’t find the parts you are looking for?

Sorting your collection into categories is a great next step when your collection has grown too large for a single storage container.

Lego 3 Drawer Workstation

It’s also a practical choice if you have a modest collection but are finding it hard to find the pieces you need. It’s an ideal solution if you don’t have a lot of space to store your parts and build models. Look for cabinets like this 3-drawer model with drawers that are not too deep. Remember that clear drawers are more convenient, since you can look for hard-to-find pieces by looking through the bottom.Thankfully, you can create a modular solution which combines storage and a place to build your models.

I always recommend the shallower drawers; they allow more categories, and it’s easier to find a specific part in a shallow container. If you want to organize your pieces into categories, you need more than one storage unit, or a larger unit with multiple compartments. A twin-sized trundle should be able to hold a lot of bricks. Unless your final solution includes small removable bins, it won’t be easy to move the bricks to another room.

You should be able to fit three or four under a standard twin-sized bed.

My New Lego Drawer

Watch and learn.

You may want to pick one system and buy only that product, as the plastic containers will stack more easily. That said, remember that it’s easier to find the part you need in a shallow container!

It’s both durable, and has a lid with latches on either side that can be snapped shut, making it a great portable solution. Do you have other suggestions for storing a collection which is sorted by category — let me know!

If it’s time to sort your collection by part, check out the next chapter. They are great for portability, and great for sorting too (up to a certain number/size of parts).

I use them to store mainly small plates, tiles, special parts, etc.

I might need to bring along with me somewhere.

I rank these higher than those small “tackle boxes” with dividers (as those are difficult to reach into and find parts without them spilling into other sections). Lego and makes the bins easily stackable. Mainly because the scrapbook boxes have lids.

I assume it is the same for both the one you show above and as it is for mine you can remove the top tray and stack another tower on top. Removable divider trays are helpful for sorting elements by color, size, set and more and can also be taken in and out while building. Top drawer can store additional base plates, instruction manuals and other large accessories.

We assume no responsibility for accuracy of price information provided by merchants. Sales taxes are estimated at the zip code level. Please check store for exact shipping costs. Store ratings and product reviews are written and submitted by online shoppers to assist you as you shop. We’re not displaying 2 price type(s) with no recent price history. Includes 4 divider trays inside the drawers to serve as a “filing” system and they are removable.

I was very surprised how much we were able to put into these drawers. It was also a great way to teach how to sort and why it’s important to keep track of all of the pieces. My daughter sits for hours sorting her lego sets and putting certain things in each little cubby. And the drawers are convenient enough that the kids actually keep the legos off the floor.

Well worth it if your little girl loves legos.

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