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LEGO 30111: BrickLink

This were a birthday gift for my 9-year-old grandson and it was a hit. As other reviewers stated it is a poly bag set so there are not a lot of pieces.

Lego 30111

From the picture it appears to be a small box set but it is not.

I only gave it 4 stars as it is rather expensive for a kit with a small number of pieces and doesn’t even come in a box. For the price you would expect a box and a few more pieces. There are illustrated instructions, and they piece together well.After put together they stay up and the whole set looks cute.

I ordered this product to use in that club. Everything arrived on time and for the cost we go more than we expected. This rare and unique set is perfect for any fan or enthusiastic collector who doesn’t want to miss a second of the wizarding world excitement. This simple structure is pieced together with the few bricks that are included as part of this small set. The potion bottles look like something right out of the story as the small cylindrical pieces fit together with round stopper pieces and then rest on the shelf, housing some sort of magical concoction.

Lego Harry Potter Set #30111 The Lab Review

Pixel Dan found this cool little LEGO set at the checkout lane at the store and just couldn’t pass it up!

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It was priced as though it was and was most of my budget. The lower section of the cabinet features a hidden compartment, accessed by lifting the shelves, that contains a letter and a horn. He can disassemble and rebuild it now without the instructions so he’s ready to move onto bigger things.

Lego Harry Potter “The Lab” Polybag [] Lego Polyunbagging


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