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LEGO 30141 Alien Conquest

The pack has wings, two lasers and is propelled through the air by two rockets. The pack has wings, and it is propelled through the air by two rockets.

Lego 30141

He is 7 years old and spends alot of time putting things together and having fun playing with the end result. My little boy loves the characters and a set, such as this, is a great treat or reward for him.

Lego Alien Conquest Jetpack Polybag Review!

2011 Set 30141!

Here’s my first LEGO Alien Conquest set review!

It was a theme in 2011, and I love the minifigures in these sets. Even as a …

Lego Alien Conquest Adu Jet Pack Set

Hey Guys, it’s Brick Daily.

I will be reviewing lego 30141 Alien Conquest in this video.

I will also start giving all the sets I review a …

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