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LEGO 30166 Toys R Us: NEW Lego Universe Minifig Robin Redbird Cycle

Please note the delivery estimate is greater than 6 business days. The wheels are fully functional, so this kit is not just for display.

Lego 30166 Toys R Us

The motorcycle is fun to push around, and has a sturdy construction. These polybags won’t be on the shelves for long!

This exclusivity should keep the set from depreciating much while it is still in stores.

I think that this set will be a good, if not breakaway investment option, and would certainly buy a few of these if you have a chance to buy any.Though most of the pieces included are fairly common one of the few notable ones are the red wheels and the the split curved-slope piece placed at the front of the bike that helps make an otherwise boxlike vehicle into a smooth(ish) crime-fighting bike. Even if it becomes more widely available later on the uneven and infrequent distribution that is common for poly-bags could boost the future value. Just warning the people who are looking for a larger set. Christmas gift for my son and he loved it!

I was hoping he came with the stubbed. .. It was fun and great with the glow in the dark parts.

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Product listing here: …

There are only four stickers to apply and they made the bricks look great. The four mini figures are excellent with attention payed to detail.

You really feel like you are ‘under the sea’ when looking at this completed set.

I think this set creates a good play experience and is worth every penny because of the four mini figs. The main reason to get this set alone, is for the minifigures in my opinion. In the footnote of the image, there is a max of 25 per store. It wasn’t far off from what the official polybag set looks like. There’s no word yet if the set will be available elsewhere in the world after this promotion.

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