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LEGO 30300 Batman Tumbler Instructions Comics Super Heroes

It’s lego, so you also know the quality is there. This is the set you deserve and definitely the one you need right now!!!!

Lego 30300

It’s a building toy and your kid (not small child) can play with it. My five year old son had a blast with this learning how to read directions. Of course, being 6, he also played with it ‘too hard’ within a day or two. The nice thing about legos, he has already used the parts for new creations.

Lego 30300 The Batman Tumbler Build Instructions Review

It’s a miniature Batman Tumbler!!!

Will my attempt to speed build succeed or end in failure?

Lego The Batman Tumbler (Polybag , Dc Super Heroes)

Lego– Tumbler – Batman – Batmobile – polybag 30300 My first LEGO Batmobile!

This is the Lego polybag micro-set of The Batman …

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