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LEGO 3065 Price

All of the friends love meeting in this treetop retreat to play games and camp out under the stars. With an amazing view over the lake, the treehouse is the ultimate retreat.

Lego 3065 Price

Watch the ocean waves or wish on stars through the telescope, and stash secret treasures in the hidden compartment.

You can even decorate the whole fort with wildflowers. She is very logical, good at science a little stubborn if she’s convinced about something, which is when it takes the power of all her friends to get her to change her mind. She likes to keep all the sets in separate boxes partly constructed and then sets them all out like a village.I didn’t even get chance to help her build it – she did all that herself. Pocket money being saved to expand the empire. It is a good product but be warned it contains many very small pieces which could be a hazard with younger siblings around.

I would recommend it for girls who like to be active and creative.

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