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LEGO 30th Anniversary

Measures over 4” (12cm) high, 9” (24cm) wide and 5” (14cm) deep. This set is fun and creative, and the minifigures are the true reason to get this set.

Lego 30th Anniversary

I start this review, my previous review for the ambulance helicopter was a bit harsh. Also the wheel that spins the floor could be a bit higher up.

I have a hard time turning it with my enormous hands. They’re simple but they add a lot to the set piece.This mainly appears on the torsos than the rest of the figure. It’s kind of hard to see the printing on her belt too. Without the fading, the minifigures are still well done. Don’t get me wrong, it hits the right places in some areas but the drawbacks are real drawbacks.

I wish they gave her a new mold or some printing on her helmet. Thankfully, customizing her is fairly simple.

Lego Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary

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So overall the set is great with some set backs. Decked out in all manner of ghost catching equipment and an over abundance of sirens, it’s sure to catch the attention of any person, ghost or demi-god in the vicinity.

Ghostbusters Recreated In Lego Short For Th Anniversary

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