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LEGO 31026 Moc Silver Trumpet Alternative Creator

You will need to install compatible software to open and view the instructions. Due to practical reasons, his focus is on building impressive city layouts in small spaces.

Lego 31026 Moc

I decided to build a house on my own will all the bricks available. It is a three story house with a tower and a restaurant on the ground floor. Restaurant is equipped with a kitchen, bar area, and a toilet. House has a living room, kitchen, small repair shop, and a bedroom under the roof.

Lego Moc Bike Shop Cafe Modular 31026 Mod

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1 comment for “LEGO 31026 Moc Silver Trumpet Alternative Creator

  1. Carlos Avila Arquin
    July 17, 2020 at 4:34 am

    How many sets did you need?

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