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LEGO 31039 Creator Blue Power Review!

So let’s take a closer look at all three models. It also has some really nice features like movable wings and flaps.

A surprising feature is access to the engine-bay area, with some nice detailing for the engine. The power jet measures over 5” (13cm) high, 14” (38cm) long and 12” (32cm) wide. The shaping is well done here as well, the wheels are retractable, and the cockpit can accommodate one minifigure – although not as comfortably as in the jet. The helicopter measures (excluding rotors) over 5” (15cm) high, 15” (39cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide.It seems to be the most unrealistic of the three models with the least features, and the least compatibility with minifigures. The other two models are okay, too, but this set is obviously about the jet. Probably my favorite non castle/lotr set to date!

This review will therefore focus on the jet alone. On the back you can see large images of the alternative builds as well as the play functions for the main model. Inside are several bags of pieces as well as a single instruction manual.

Lego Creator Blue Power Jet 3 In 1 Review!


Instructions for all three models are included in this one booklet which is unusual. Lots of larger sets in this latest wave seem to have only one instruction manual rather than several which is a good thing in my opinion. The landing gear are fitted very simply while the power plant inside the fuselage uses various brackets and tiles to add some greebling. The cockpit and engine nacelle are the next sections to be constructed, again using plenty of brackets to create some unusual shapes. Lots of curved slopes are used to enclose the brightly coloured pieces inside, and hinge pieces form the angled air intakes.

I think the construction of the wings is the most impressive aspect of the entire build. These make use of hinges and the clever geometry of angled plates to create an accurate wing silhouette which looks fantastic with red and white stripes. These wings are then attached using hinges and are secured with yet more curved slopes.

I believe these hinges are only used as they are required for the alternative models but it is nice to mix up the building techniques again. The entire model has almost no visible studs on it and looks incredibly sleek from the nose cone to the tailplane. The front of the vehicle is very impressive, constructed at an angle using 3×12 angled plates which looks superb. The cockpit opens in two halves to reveal some control panels and two seats. These will fit a minifigure quite comfortably, although none are included to occupy the seating.

I think the model is roughly minifigure scale, which greatly increases the playability. Other play features are limited to access hatches for the engine, adjustable ailerons and folding landing gear. This is hardly noticeable though and doesn’t really bother me as they are not visible from most angles. It looks pretty much perfect from nose to tail in my opinion and is really a lesson in how slopes can be combined to form a flowing shape. Would it kill them to make a blue flight suit minifig?

I actually like the fact that the creator line is one of the only line not centred around minifigs but around the build. Looking at these wings, i am learning a new technique. It looks pretty similar in scale to #5892?

Australia so this time next year it will arrive. With only 1/3 of the set evaluated, this review feels terribly incomplete. All this from one set of bricks… now that’s what you call a three-in-one!

Helicopter (excluding rotors) measures over 5” (15cm) high, 15” (39cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide. Hovercraft measures over 3” (9cm) high, 11” (28cm) long and 3” (10cm) wide. Check out the cool dark-blue, white and red color scheme. It creates 3 different vehicles – a jet, helicopter, and racing boat with many moving parts. He has taken apart and reassembled many times – definitely a favorite of his. The size of the creator is large – the jet being a little over a 14 inches in length.

I never owned these parts before and they do a great job of making the jet look great. Too bad it didn’t come with any mini figures. The flaps and horizontal stabilizers move. Pieces are small and less specialized than. .. Pieces are small and less specialized than with other models we have had.

Lego 31039 Review

For example, the wings had to be build rather than ‘wing shaped’ pieces. My 10 year old put this together in a few hours with only minor guidance once. The proportions are great and the attention to detail is what separates this set from others. Lots of fun, with 3 different models to build (at 3 levels of complexity, the plane being the most advanced). With an instruction book that has the thickness of a catalog, he was able to put it together in total of twelve hours. It does come with a brick separator but it only works for larger pieces. After the jet was assembled, he also noticed the fuselage was the most brittle (his own words). When he makes hard turns right or left soaring through the air, one part of the fuselage frequently falls off.

LEGO Creator Blue Power Jet 3 In 1 Review!


His favorite parts are the retractable landing gear and speed brakes that actually open up. His imagination is endless with this jet. There are instructions for the helicopter and hover craft, but my son informs me that the jet is permanent. The 3-in 1 option gives a kid so many possibilities to built and rebuilt it over and over again. The pieces have about the right size for a 9 year old to handle them. They’re easy to assemble and to re-assemble.

I thought it might be too advanced for a seven year old but to my surprise he got this down in one day all by himself. The pieces have fallen apart when he has tried to play with it or move it around a lot. For the most part it just sits still and we try not to touch it because the wings fall off pretty easily. Creator line and contains 608 pieces total.

I would definitely look for a sale if you can find one.The set comes with 5 parts bags and a 217 page instruction booklet. You’ll notice some of the differences pretty quickly. The build is on the bottom of the picture with all of the pieces above it. As the build continues, you can see some of the engine taking place. In this photo you’ll notice that the main part of the fuselage is covered. Here is my final build in progress picture before the final one.

‘Lego Creator Blue Power Jet’ Unboxing, Speed Build & Review

Chapters for your convenience: 00:38 – box and unboxing 01:56 – pieces in new colors 02:12 – parts list 02:18 – speed build 05:27 …

Here is a picture with everything closed up. When you feel like a new challenge, rebuild it into a cool, high-tech helicopter or a super, aerodynamic hovercraft with twin cockpits. All this from one set of bricks… now that’s what you call a three-in-one!

The awesome model comes with a dark-blue, white and red color scheme and an array of exciting features. Ryantotempole — 1 year ago this is a super fun set!

It’s on a minifig scale too, so you can place your favorite minifigs to pilot the craft.

I placed a couple of phase 2 clone pilots in it and everything looks great.

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