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LEGO 31052: Review Vacation Getaways

Other smaller art on the front of the box show the alternate builds – a summer home and a yacht. The back of the box show all three builds with some of the features of each build.

Inside the box there are 9 unnumbered bags with another bag dedicated to the perfect bound instruction book. Sadly, no cardboard was provided to keep the book from getting bent. Included with the parts is a brick separator. Both have some nice detailing on the back.The instruction book classifies the three different builds as quick (the yacht), medium (summer home) and advanced (camper).

I really enjoyed this part of the build where you can slowly see the frame of the vehicle take shape and you start to add the detailing such as the lower fenders and the front grill, up to the start of the lower red racing stripes. The tail lights are included in the walls with the use of translucent bricks. The first half that swings out is a seating area with a table top that can be folded up. The other half contains the start of a kitchenette with a fridge with a mystery meat sandwich. There’s a nice use of 1x2x2/3 roof tiles as the front grill of the vehicle.

The whole back of the camper gets lots of natural light from four windows. There’a also a couple of storage compartments for a paper map (how old school) and small suitcase. There’s also a commode right behind the driver’s seat and a couple mugs stored above the stove and sink. There are lots of great details with a very good living space for our minifigs with all the comforts of home. Next is the bed compartment, which has yet another surprise detail with the storage space underneath the bed. The bed itself hinges up to allow access to the storage space. Pulling out the compartment is very smooth and works without any issues. Speaking of which, that is another great feature of this set – the windshield portion just slides into the front and clips on at a single point. The detachable roof comes in two parts: both look to have some storage capacity.

I like the choice of the dark blue for the interior section; it complements the racing stripes and is a more imaginative colour than white, which could have been used. In adding the awning -yet another really cool feature of this set – it’s a little challenging to fit the holes in the fabric around the hooks on the vehicle. It has a bonus of being secure, but it’s also difficult to make it fit without tearing the fabric. The boat trailer is a straightforward build and has nice rear lights for safety. The boat is a sunny bright yellow – a terrific choice – and features six of the new 1x4x1 inverted bow pieces in yellow. They’re put to very good use as the bow of the boat. The finished boat is a nice little motor boat – doubtful it would fit two minifigs, unless one is standing in the front. One of my favourite parts of the build is the bear. To me, this yacht seems more like a catamaran with the double prow, but there’s actually too much space to call it that. In any event, we start building both of the prows, which are ultimately connected by the foredeck. Racing stripes are added that are similar to that on the camper. Then, we start seeing some of the furnishing inside, as well as some of the walls. In the middle section of the boat, chairs and a table are added for an eating area as well as a small kitchenette. There’s storage space for a suitcase as well as a place to hang a couple of mugs on the wall. A couple of swiveling chairs grace the aft deck, and a ladder leads to the top.

The large windshield prices are used in an inverted orientation again (they were also used this way in the summer home) to provide a skylight for the sleeping area of the yacht. The entire windshield is hinged to tilt the windows in the right position – a rather nifty use similar to what’s used in the summer home. Finally, the satellite systems are added to the top and the awning is installed that stretches over the lower aft deck of the yacht. The primary build is excellent and a really fun build. That awful looking treehouse is a no-no for me!

I hope to see more reviews that include them.

I put mine in a scenery with some log cabins and a caravan as in a camp site.

I even find myself adding extra pieces to the model. The back also hinges open (it split down the middle and opens to the left and right) to allow for even more access to play. This model provides a lot of playable features. Another similar element was the brick built chairs.

Lego 31052 Review

First part of the build at step 17 is the start to the base, 2 minifigures (a female and male child), a chicken leg and a camera). Next up you can see how the back opens up.

We now have 2 seats in the front, a door on the side, and the living area built. Here is the final build to include a small motor boat, some wildlife, and 2 trees. Here is a close up during the build of the kitchen area, the bathroom area, and the bed area that pulls out.

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