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LEGO 31053 Review Creator Treehouse Adventures

It can also be hinged shut to form a single large platform. After a few minutes though, you become accustomed to the color palette and are off and running!

One of them features an observatory tower, and the other has a secret compartment, similar to the one in the primary build. The front also shows the alternate builds in smaller pictures. The art on the back shows all three builds that look to have a couple of moving features, all set near a stream. Both minifigs in this set are children – a freckled faced little boy and a little girl with long hair.He comes with a pail to haul water from the nearby stream; she comes with a paint roller as she must be putting the finishing touches on the treehouse. Then we start on the treehouse itself, starting with the quite necessary tree and surrounding landscaping. The platform for the treehouse is created next, along with some of the details inside. There is an interesting use of the slopes to make a yellow chair that does not look like it would be all that comfortable for the minifigs. The flag is added here, however it’s in a different spot than what is shown in the cover art. The tree is pretty sturdy with the 2x 8 plates for the sides.

This the bigger part of the treehouse; this part of the build finishes by connecting the hinge with the portion just built. Finishing the walls includes a section that hinges down and the addition of a couple of windows.

I am happy to see that the clear panes have been included in the windows; this must be quite a fancy tree house. There is a third level that serves as a platform for the observatory along with a blue jay perched there. The final product can be closed and looks very attractive and can be a functional treehouse on its own. A very nice feature of this set is that when the treehouse is opened up, the bridge between the two platforms is raised, and when the treehouse is folded together, the bridge folds down to become the ladder – no extra motion required. The clubhouse starts with building a walkway, small beach with the stream. Inside, furnishings include a table, a storage box with a hinged lid and a map hanging on the wall. The hinges in the set are used for a nice looking door that swings shut. Some of the 3×3 rounded plates start the stylized tree that includes the flat foliage used in this set. The third level is a small platform that offers a telescope to look for people advancing on the clubhouse. The last addition to the build is a ladder to the second level. In this case it’s a hinged door that is built next that flips up. The tree is filled out with several branches that provide the support for the second level. Inside details of the treehouse include a container and a light for the outside. In this build, the cord is used as a mechanism to bring a pail of water up to the first level of the fort. A ladder is added to get to the second level. The ladder swings up to become a railing for the second level. The build is finished with a roof and another bird, this time in yellow. The hinged feature of the build is used so that the treehouse looks just as attractive open as it does closed (though it looks a little cramped when it is closed).

I see a bunch of green plates held in place by a bunch of oddly-grey connecting pieces and technic axles, both of which look out of place in what’s supposed to be one of the most natural-looking things in the world.

I don’t much care for brick-built animals either. Didn’t they actually make a bear piece a few years ago?

I wish it looked more like a typical tree house.

To me, it looks more like a house grew out of the ground than a house nailed onto a tree. The option to build 3 different sets is a bonus. It has a set of wheels, windows with window panes, several hinges. So, be careful about buying it for small children. Can make 3 different things from it, but only 1 at a time. It’s actually a bit smaller than one would suspect. He assembled it by himself and it turned out as pictured. Good price, good set, not too hard to put together.

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