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LEGO 31060: Creator Airshow Aces Lego Amazon.Co.Uk Toys

Perform super high-speed flybys in the supersonic jet and loop the loop in the classic propeller plane. Well made and easy for small fingers to use.

This is ideal to keep children busy and although it says age 7 to 12 on the box with a little help younger children from say 5 upwards could build it too.

I bought it for my 5 year old daughter on her birthday and the two of us were able to build it without any issues.

I was a little disappointed with how small the airplane, semi truck/trailer, and rocket ship are. He thinks it is the best thing ever, because he loves all of the things that he can build with it.The legos were fun to build and were a great little project for our 9 year old.

We love the 3 in 1 to keep the fun going!

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The Cheapest Lego Set On Amazon!


Haul, unboxing, and build of a LEGO set that I purchased from Amazon for $2.93 with free shipping (Prime Member).

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