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LEGO 31066 Walmart Creator

During the build, there were no repetitive parts, and the set is overall really fun to make. It was nice seeing the cockpit go together and making the wings was fun too.

The space shuttle is very beautiful, smooth at its surface, and the face is unique, unlike past space shuttle sets. It was nice seeing the blue line, not just black and white. The engines were really cool as sprouting from the middle and spreading out in different directions. Its main play feature is the body opening to reveal the satellite.The mini figure fits perfectly into the cockpit, and just running around holding it with one hand is enough to make your day. The build wasn’t too difficult and some interesting techniques were used.

I like the classic feel of this and how well everything fits together.

I started by making a the (very easy) shuttle. The satellite in the shuttle as it as it’s own docking area. Probably add in an additional cargo storage area to make it look real.

It was cute but maybe add in a mini rover to go with it.

I got this set because it ha a lot of nice pieces and such.

I added my own control panels to each build to fill it up. It’s really well planned out for a 3-in-1. Lego space set that’s not based on gender!

Features an opening payload bay with a robotic arm, satellite with foldout wings, large engines and a minifigure cockpit with tinted canopy. Check out the authentic white, black and gray color scheme. Put on the astronaut jetpack for daring spacewalks. Open the payload bay to access the satellite. Fold out the satellite wings and launch it into space. Perform daring space walks with the astronaut jetpack, open the payload bay, fold out the satellite wings and use the robotic arm to launch it into orbit.

I wish there were more sets for this: moon crater surface, maybe?

Fun to put together with options for moving parts.

I won’t be playing with it, but it seems sturdy and should hold up well in younger hands. Lego shuttles over the years and while this is of impressive size it feels unfinished. Holding it in your hand you just get the feeling it’s missing something.

I can add some customization but it’s very blah. It doesn’t even rest on rounded flat pieces, let alone some sort of landing gear. Finally, there is plenty of room in the cargo bay, would have been nice for a place to hold the astronaut’s “space suit” and wrench for when we put him in the cockpit. Your child will build a space shuttle and then blast off into space, beginning an awesome adventure that is sure to inspire their imagination and curiosity. With three builds in one, the fun just keeps going and kids will never get tired of it!

This set is great for children with an appetite for adventure who enjoy building. He wants to be an aerospace engineer when he grows up, so naturally he loved it!

The details on the set are awesome and we had fun putting it together.

LEGO Creator Space Shuttle Explorer For $21

You can build three different things with this set. And most importantly they had fun doing it together and my daughter has continued her curiousity about space. The build is sturdy enough to survive a careful but energetic 2-year old and was fun to build together. The piece selection is much more interesting and versatile than for the licensed sets.

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