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LEGO 3181 Toys R Us City Passenger Plane

Upon reconstructing the set, two pieces were missing. The top of the trailer and truck were dusty from having been on display.

Lego 3181 Toys R Us

The decals on the vehicle were in good condition. He loved it, and was able to build it with no problems. It has several large pieces to make it easier, and he was thrilled with the results. Great kit for a beginner, since it gave him the confidence to want to try out more.He has been playing with the finished product ever since, and it is durable and fun to use. A very happy boy and his dad built this and it has been flying all over the house picking up and dropping off very important customers!

My seven year old really enjoys the challenge of independently assembling these toys using the illustrated instructions booklets. When he isn’t “into it”, he puts it on the shelf for a while in favor of other toys. She did look at some of the reviews and problems noted by others. She could work with bending the people a little forward to shut it.

I didn’t realize it was not a new plane in a box.

I just didn’t feel right giving him a used toy for his birthday. Overall, this would be a great toy for the lego lovers out there. She put it together fairly quickly and has enjoyed playing with it.

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