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LEGO 3182 City Airport Set

About 2-3 hours later he finished building it.

I really liked all the details of the set.

Lego 3182 City Airport Set

I really liked the interior of the plane and airport.

I liked the cargo train and the service area; it was a fun addition. The mini figures were cool, but the ticket guy was sort of unique.

I really like all the detail on the computers and stuff.There was still wrapping paper on the box from the person that returned it.

I was under a time crunch and had to go through the bag that was open and figure out what pieces were missing. The pieces were of high quality plastic and they fit together well. One bonus was that the pieces – say for a control tower – were grouped and contained in a numbered plastic bag. Easy for our son to assemble himself, but most importantly, he was not wasting his time looking for a particular piece. So much detail in the jet and the airport, very cool!

Lego 3182 Airport Review from the City series. Lego Reviews Episode 131. Retails for $99.99. To see more of my videos and …

I was originally turned off by the high price tag. The airport was also kinda surprising in the different details that were included. The tower and ground vehicles were simply a bonus. Highly recomend for the lego fan and aviation buff. With a wide variety of sets to choose from, there’s something for even the most hard-to-please child. The unique building toy has a piece count of 692. It’s a great size for hours of imaginative play with siblings or friends. Half the pieces were missing and it looked as if someone had put a bunch of others pieces that weren’t needed.

I will never buy another used lego set again.

So much to do at the Lego City Airport. Includes airplane, terminal, control tower, baggage cart, crew, passengers The set has 703 …

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