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LEGO 3184 Adventure Camper Friends Photos

Drive the camper to the mountains, the forest, the beach or anywhere your imagination wants to go!

Lift the camper cushions to store everything you need!

Lego 3184 Friends

Seat both mini-doll figures in the camper’s front seats!

You can pack up the camper with everything you need for summer fun, stored carefully within the trailer and camper.

You can lift camper cushions to make room for all of your gear.

You can pack the trailer with everything you need to have an amazing time on the road.Swinging doors and a variety of storage spaces can allow kids to store all of the miniature accessories. Bikes, surfboards and a variety of kitchen accessories are perfect for a park or beach. Of course, you can’t forget to set the table and bring out the food. With 309 pieces available, you or your child can fully customize your camping adventure. When the journey is over, you can use your imagination to build and play with this toy’s pieces and characters in dozens of ways. Of course, someone over 12 is not too old to play with this set either.

Take the LEGO® Friends fun anywhere with the Adventure Camper!

Olivia and Nicole are packing up the Adventure Camper for …

Collectors can enjoy the specialized pieces, the unique figures and the fun minature accessories. Camping in the wild outdoors and hiking on mountain trails?

The camper’s roof and side door open for easy access to cooking and sleeping areas. Includes a picnic table and grill for cookouts. The camper’s trailer also has space for the dolls’ bikes and surfboard. And with the picnic table and campfire with grill, the dolls can have cookouts wherever they go. Fine motor skills will get a workout as children construct the trailer and picnic table. Pull your trailer and bikes wherever you go. Be sure to pack the trailer with their bikes, then put supplies in the trailer box. Drive the camper to the mountains, the forest, the beach or anywhere your imagination wants to go. Back at the camper, set the table and fire up the grill for a barbecue feast. The kit instructions are compartmentalized in a way that you’re not faced with loads of parts at any given time (there are 325 total pieces).

I would happily give this set ten stars, except for the price gouging. My daughter really wanted this set, and worked hard to earn it.

I feel like the seller was greedy and took advantage of a nine year old girl who has to work hard for her money. Also the camper opens up in two ways to allow for much imagination and play. This set can stand alone and provide hours of fun!

One is more girly and one is not that into pink & frills but they both love the girl-centered scenes and characters. They have enjoyed these since age seven (now nine). The adventure camper is one of the coolest and since we do a lot of camping, it is right up their alley. This is a really good one but it does have little objects that can get lost. This series is best for children 5 years and up.

I bought this for toddlers a year ago and it was a dumb move. But this year they wanted to play with it and are really having fun with the set.

However, this set requires grown-up assembly if the kids are less than 6 years old. It drives smooth, and opens up wide to have access to the inside.

You can give them a push and the friends go riding off on them. The grill and picnic set is also darling. It’s a good size for a first set and for a 5 year old. Pieces are strong and fit each other piece perfectly.

LEGO Friends 3184– Adventure Camper Building Instructions.

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